Gender Pay Gap Statement


Turner Bianca is an equal opportunities employer and we strive to ensure that women have the same opportunities as men to fulfil their potential in our business.

We recognise that helping women to unlock their talents is not only the right thing to do, but has huge benefits for our business.


Snapshot Date: 5 April 2017

Women's mean hourly rate is 12.0% higher than men's.

Women's median hourly rate is 61.4% higher than men's.


Proportion of women in each pay quartile

Top quartile (highest paid)         69.6%             

Upper middle quartile                 63.2%                

Lower middle quartile                 31.9%              

Lower quartile (lowest paid)      18.8%  


Bonus Pay

84.4% of women received bonus pay.

81.9% of men received bonus pay.

Women’s mean bonus pay is 76.1% lower than men's.

Women’s median bonus pay is 26.5% higher than men's.


Person Responsible:   M K Walmsley, Director