Turner Bianca is a world leader in home textiles, supplying major retailers in the UK and across the globe.

Our success and growth reflect our commitment to customer relationships, innovation in Product and Design and a constant drive to deliver quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Turner Bianca is a privately owned PLC with a clear mission to be the best in the industry. We have grown organically over the years by consistently reinvesting profits back into the business. Major investments have been made in IT, Logistics and Design.

We are a financially strong company, with tight controls and excellent reporting systems.

Whether it is the placing of large future contracts for production, managing the fluctuations of the international currency markets, the opening of International Letters of Credit or the holding of backup stocks, customers know that we have the financial strength and expertise to handle the volumes that modern major retailers demand.


We design and produce textiles for every room in the home.  Experienced, focused, efficient and reliable in all aspects of supply chain management, our dedicated team of professionals shares a wealth of expertise and experience in the industry.

This highly talented team of over 300 employees in the UK achieves sales in excess of USD 150 million.

Our head office, design studio and extensive showrooms are located in Oldham, UK, which, together with branches in China, India, Pakistan, Portugal and Spain, control worldwide production, quality control, sales and distribution.  We currently hold and distribute stock from our 400,000 sq ft warehousing facility in the UK, where we have introduced radio frequency technology in all picking locations.

Our products are ethically sourced, with care taken for the environment.

Together with the enthusiasm and hard work of our IT team, we have invested heavily in sophisticated computerised critical path management systems.  This has enabled us to reduce lead times and improve efficiency at almost every stage in the supply chain process.  We are truly a deadline driven company with all processes constantly under review, continually striving to improve performance in order to achieve an optimum level of service.

Bianca’s priority is to fulfil customers’ needs. Our expertise, from creative concept through to product and cost management, including quality, ethical and technical assurance, provides a first class service for our customer.