The Turner Bianca Technical team works closely with its manufacturing partners on all aspects of technical product development and innovation, product approval and quality assurance.

Our team include technologists specifically looking at fabric innovation through technology. We partner our suppliers with third party collaborators such as fibre, dye and finishing specialists to continually evaluate new technologies that can be applied to commercially attractive innovative product. This commitment to, and investment in, technology has delivered many successful, strong-selling lines for our customers. 

Turner Bianca has invested heavily in the latest colour measurement technology to create greater efficiency in approvals, allowing us to offer shorter lead-times and more consistent product. 

Our supply partners undertake regular independent technical audits, either based on the Turner Bianca Technical Audit criteria or those of our customers. This process allows us to be confident in the product quality and to monitor our supplier’s evolving technical progression.

Our Supplier Liaison Technician, Product Technologists and regional office staff work closely with partner suppliers who share our philosophy, of committing to invest in constant improvement to means of manufacturing and product quality.